Admission Requirements

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You are more than your GPA and standardized test scores. At Truman, we use a holistic approach when evaluating your application, and requirements may vary based on your admission status. Choose how you plan to pursue your degree at Truman from the options below.

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Freshman Students

Truman attracts students who excel both inside and outside the classroom. High school performance and standardized test scores are the foundation for admission decisions, yet our individual holistic review process involves consideration of an admission essay, special abilities, talents, and co-curricular involvement. The Admission Committee looks deeper than your GPA and test scores to understand your past accomplishments, your interests and your potential. That holistic review continues when your application is considered for scholarships.

Application Materials

  • High school transcripts
  • ACT or SAT score
  • Essay (1 to 3 pages) – view the essay prompts
  • Activities List or Resume – strongly recommended

High School Curriculum

  • four units of English
  • three units of mathematics (four are strongly recommended)
  • three units of social studies or history
  • three units of natural science
  • one unit of fine arts
  • two units of foreign language (same language)

Beyond your GPA and ACT or SAT scores, you’ll need a strong college preparatory curriculum. Come see what we want from you as you make your class selections in high school.

Transfer Students

Being a transfer student at Truman is an easy transition when pursuing your Bachelor’s degree. Your admission will be based on your academic progress at your current institution. Check out the other things we’ll provide to you before you arrive on campus as well!

We can help you build your future as you continue your education at Truman. From evaluating transfer credits to mapping out clear steps to graduation, we want to make your transition to Truman as easy as possible

Our Admission Counselor for Transfer Programs will be your main campus contact. From your first visit to campus to the Transfer Student Orientation, the Admission Counselor for Transfer Programs can answer any questions and offer advice. You will also have the assistance of a professional Academic Advisor. From choosing the best courses to enroll in at your current institution through your first semester at Truman, their commitment will help you be successful.

Application & Scholarship

As soon as the Office of Admission receives your college transcripts, they will be sent to the Registrar’s Office for credit equivalency review. This process can take approximately 2 to 3 weeks. However, you can preview your credit equivalencies online and predict how your current courses will count toward a Truman degree.

We have found that transfer students do best at Truman after completing at least 24 transferable credits with a transferable GPA at or above 3.00. Students with fewer than 24 credits and/or a GPA below 3.00 benefit from individual and holistic application review. Your admission status will be determined on the following information:

  • Official college transcripts
  • Essay
  • High school transcripts (if under 24 hours of transferable credit post high school)
  • ACT and/or SAT scores (if under 24 hours of transferable credit post high school)
  • Activities List (optional)

Note that a student who may not have been eligible for admission at the freshman level can still be eligible for admission to Truman as a transfer student.

To make your enrollment as easy as possible, you should submit all of your application materials by November 1 to begin Truman courses in spring or March 15 for a fall start to ensure full competitive award consideration. When your application materials are reviewed for admission, a scholarship decision will also be made. Transfer students are eligible for both automatic and competitive scholarships. The sooner that you submit your application, the sooner the scholarship decisions will be made.


The semester before you begin classes at Truman, you will be asked to complete an enrollment questionnaire. This will provide essential information to your Academic Advisors in the Center for Academic Excellence. These advisors will create personalized enrollment recommendations for your first semester at Truman. As soon as your recommendations are finalized, you can enroll in courses. This is a huge advantage to completing your Truman degree quickly, so complete the enrollment questionnaire as soon as you receive instructions to do so.


To help you get acquainted with the Truman community, we encourage all new transfer students to participate in our Transfer Student Orientation. During orientation you will be provided with detailed information about your credit evaluation. Plus, Orientation provides you with the opportunity to meet other incoming students so you can start building a network of friends.

International Student Requirements

To ensure that you are ready for Truman’s rigorous programs, the Center for International Students has some specific requirements. Review our page for a full list of requirements to have your application considered for admission.

Freshman Student

Freshman status is defined as a student who has completed their secondary school requirement, but has not yet studied at the university level.

Graduate Student

Graduate status is defined as a student who has completed at least one undergraduate degree.

Conditional Student

Conditional student status is defined as a student who has not yet achieved the minimum English proficiency requirement and will continue intensive English study on the Truman campus.

Transfer Student

Transfer student status is defined as a student who has previously attended a university and earned at least one semester of credit.

Visiting Student

Visiting student status is defined as a student who attends Truman for one semester or one year, but who is not seeking a degree from Truman.

Exchange Student

Exchange student status is defined as a student who attends Truman through a formal “Exchange Agreement” between Truman and their home university.

Graduate Studies Requirements

Planning to pursue your Master’s degree at Truman? Each program has specific requirements. Start by visiting our Graduate Studies site and view the admission requirements for the program that meets your needs.

Specific Program Requirements

  • Music Major
    If you are interested in declaring a music major, you must perform an audition for a committee of music studio faculty in order to determine that you have reached a sufficiently advanced level of applied proficiency. For more information about our music major or to schedule an audition, visit our Music webpage.
  • Nursing Major
    Placement within our nursing major is dependent upon the number of spaces available and individual evaluation. If you are interested in majoring in nursing, you must be accepted to Truman as well as to the nursing program. An additional application and essay must be submitted by January 15 to be evaluated for admission to the nursing program. For more information, visit the Nursing webpage.

Truman’s exceptional faculty and coursework will equip you with both the technical know-how and critical-thinking skills to excel wherever your career takes you.