What’s The Big Deal About Outlet Mall Shopping?

What’s The Big Deal About Outlet Mall Shopping?

Have you noticed that outlet malls have been popping up everywhere? A decade ago, I didn’t even know what they were and now, outlet malls are attracting a variety of customers and even, drawing customers from afar. They have great deals on their merchandise and are now designed to look and feel like traditional malls. Because Americans are always looking for a bargain, outlet malls continue to gain more and more popularity.

The Start Of The Outlet Mall

Outlet stores are stores where the manufacturer sells directly to the customer based on their associated brand. They first came into the market as factory stores and were grouped together as small outlet malls. Nowadays, outlet malls are highly designed for ease of shopping and convenience. They first started up in the United States where retail stores were situated next to their manufacturing factories. Now, outlet malls cover the globe and even can be specialized as high end designer outlet malls.

Designer Product For Less

One of the more appealing properties of outlet malls is buying designer merchandise for less. For individuals who love to shop for designer labels, outlet malls can provide excellent deals by shopping at the brands factory outlet store. The most common items you can find at outlet malls include clothing, fashion accessories, cosmetics, electronics, sporting goods and toys. The items that you find at outlet malls are generally items which did not sell as fast in retail stores and might feature slight imperfections or damages. The items you find at outlet malls are generally 25-75% off regular retail price.

Where Are The Outlet Malls?

Outlet malls are generally located outside of major cities in order to minimize retailer competition. There are outlet malls all over the world. Some of the biggest and most famous outlet malls in the US include Premium Outlets which has 44 locations throughout United States and Prime Outlets which has 22 locations around the US.

The Accessibility Of Outlet Malls

As outlet malls are situated outside of major cities, it may be inconvenient for some to access them. There has now been an emergence of online outlet malls. Online outlet malls allow shoppers to obtain the same great deals available when shopping at outlet malls, but instead you can do this in the comfort of your own home. It is also a great way for individuals who are not crazy about the mall experience, but can take the time at home to find the bargains.


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